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Last updated: July 05, 2017

Swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet supports production

swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinetFrom cabinets with or without doors and pull-out drawers to units with adjustable shelving and wheels for mobility, industrial storage is more versatile than ever before. One option that may not have been considered before, but which takes its range of versatility even further, is the swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet. Unlike other storage solutions, it offers more storage in a footprint that is about equal to that of a single traditional cabinet, Access to either bank of storage is facilitated by a foot pedal or hand release, which control its rotation. In addition, with accessories and heavy-duty metal frame construction built tough, this machine shop revolving tool storage holds up just as well as the others when subjected to harsh working conditions. It also lends its support to the production team and the work they turn out. This is because it allows for manufacturing materials and shop tools to not only be stored and moved, but kept close at hand and accessed all from one convenient location. With its superior flexibility, a single swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet can accommodate the same amount of stuff as three lateral filing cabinets. (Watch video)

Machine shop revolving tool storage for greater storage efficiency

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Machine shop revolving tool storage has the ability to hold more than just industrial instruments. Everything from binders, documents and project files to small supplies and chemicals can be brought together in one unit for greater storage efficiency. Both stationary and mobile configurations are available. Each can be designed with any combination of interrior accessories to meet your individual needs. This swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet is also great if you're wanting manufacturing and service technicians to improve upon the state of their work cells. It is designed to help maintain cleanliness, efficiency and organization.

Swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet features & specifications

  • machine shop revolving tool storageThere are a total of 10 height ranges and two starter widths for the swiveling industrial lock drawer cabinet. Heights start at 29 1/2 inches and go as far as 92 1/2 inches, while the starter widths measure at 36 1/2 inches and 45 1/4 inches.
  • Its cabinet lock and individual lockable drawers help to establish a level of security
  • A side-mounted worksurface or rollout reference shelf for writing or laptop use are available as optional features
  • Mobile units, which are available with as many as five tiers, are restricted to a height of 60 7/8 inches
  • Shelf weight load supports up to 100lbs., while the drawer weight load is a maximum of 120lbs.

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