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High capacity suspended sliding compact shelving saves space

suspended sliding compact shelvingHigh capacity suspended sliding compact shelving with floating racks provide campus police duty bag storage that saves space without ever touching the floor. Components hang from a sturdy overhead track and beam system which secures everything off the floor to ease cleaning. The levitating mobile carriages open and close to allow users secure, space-saving aisle access. Exterior easy-to-use pull handles allow users to move shelves either direction until resting in less space, providing double the capacity in the same footprint.

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Campus police duty bag storage

Departments can customize the floating racks with affordable accessories and create campus police duty bag storage with ample capacity to keep equipment organized. Some that proved helpful to officers wanting convenient access to these items and more include:

  • Sturdy hanging bars span the interior from end to end to maximize the available space while allowing users to organize jackets and coats in an efficient capacity that ensures easier access.
  • Durable space-efficient shelves keep everything from bags and hats to first-aid kits and more neat and tidy to allow simpler pick up and drop off at the start and end of shifts.
  • Easy-to-install overhead wire decking provides a safe, dust-free environment versatile enough to protect evidence collection kits.

Cost-effective suspended sliding compact shelving

Setup the space-saving suspended sliding compact shelving in parking garages that accommodate cruisers to save patrol officers' time during storage and retrieval. It eliminates unnecessary foot traffic inside the station and keeps valuable assets safe. Users can handle installation without renovating existing floors or ceilings and avoid outside labor costs.

floating racks campus police duty bag storage

Construction: Durable steel construction provides long-lasting reliable service.

Structure: The rack structure features many essential components including:

  • Two 14-gauge 3" x 3" tear drop pallet rack uprights.
  • Two 14-gauge 6" H x 2 1/2" D beams.
  • Overhead wire mesh decking that provides safe, dust-free space to store whatever users need.
  • One LED shop light with pull chain
  • Shelving track and trolleys

Shelving Units: Each shelving unit comes with many components, including:

  • Two closed uprights
  • Durable and spacious 22-gauge steel shelves with two 14-gauge shelf supports
  • Space-efficient 18" deep shelves have one shelf reinforcement
  • One pull handle on the front right side of each shelving section facilitates safe aisle access.
  • Four 5/8" long bumpers to accommodate every aisle

Weight Capacity: Total system weight not to exceed 4,800 lbs. with each shelving section not to exceed 600 lbs. Shelf capacity not to exceed 150 lbs.

Finish: Black pallet rack uprights and beams with standard powder-coat shelving color options that add pleasing aesthetics.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: 60-day limited manufacturer's warranty on customer installed units. One-year limited manufacturer's warranty on factory authorized installations.

Made in the USA

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