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Last updated: April 20, 2018

Space-saving suspended shelving with custom storage organizes gym workout gear

suspended shelving custom storageSuspended shelving with custom storage bins, pegboards, and tilted shelves organize gym workout gear while saving space to accommodate future expansion. Its design includes an overhead track system that allows the shelves to compact and provide twice the capacity to maximize space within the same footprint. Easy to move from side-to-side, users can slide each apart to create an aisle that provides convenient access to items that require protection. Continue reading to learn more about the system's installation and use within a popular fitness facility.

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Facility staff and clients needed a better way to store and organize athletic equipment such as weighted vests, balls, straps, pads and other items. So, the owner collaborated with a local storage representative to identify the storage requirements and where installation would take place. With the gym experiencing growth, the owner wanted space to accommodate future expansion.

The expert storage representative designed a space-saving suspended shelving solution in response to this exact need. Able to move and compact while hanging from a track that installs overhead, it provides the facility with more space to grow as gym membership increases.  The system contains many custom storage components that help maximize the available space within the interior while improving organization. Features configured to the system include:

  • Bins that have ample space to store and organize rolled mats and foam rollers
  • Durable steel constructed pegboards with sturdy pegs allow users to hang straps, jump ropes and weighted vest in a neat and tidy capacity
  • Tilted shelves fit with bars in the rear provide a safe space where users can store weighted balls.bins pegboards tilted shelves gym workout gear

Attractive & efficient suspended shelving keeps fitness equipment safe

Users can configure the suspended shelving with many custom storage features that have the capacity to accommodate assorted fitness items. This includes extra shelves designed to hold pads and other gear that users need to organize and protect. Users can even integrate many color options and specialized graphics that add pleasing aesthetics to the efficient system. Storage experts set it up within the facility in a few hours, allowing quick and convenient use. The sturdy and attractive solution keeps fitness equipment safe and users find it easy to use while working out.

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