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Last updated: March 09, 2016

Sterile Kits & Surgical Supply Storage

surgical supply storage wire sliding shelving racksA naval hospital stored a large number of valuable surgical instruments and packed surgical kits. The officers needed a complete surgical supply storage solution in the hospital's surgical area that would preserve the instruments' sterility and accessibility and simplify inventory management while remaining configurable and flexible while fitting in the hospital's constrained space with low ceilings. The solution was a wire shelving sliding rolling track system that would organize, save space, and ensure that sterile packs stayed sterile. Buy healthcare wire shelving and racks online.

Wire Shelving Sliding on Rolling Tracks

For this solution, wire shelving is mounted on stainless steel mobile carriages with stainless rails, along with a bin storage system for storing surgical instruments and kits. Wire shelving is ideal for healthcare applications because it minimizes dust and dirt accumulation and is easy to clean and keep clean. The shelves are spaced to accommodate the packed surgical kits to optimize the amount of allotted space available.

wire shelving sliding rolling track system sterile surgical storageSince the wire shelving is mounted on a rolling rack system, the shelving is able to move along rails installed to the floor. This eliminates the need for space between every aisle. When a surgical kit needs to be retrieved, the user simply turns a mechanical-assist handle to quickly open one or multiple aisles at a time for easy and quick access. The rails are installed on top of the existing floor surface with a minimal protrusion.

To maintain a dust-free environment, the installers built a plastic wall around the area, purchased air scrubbers, and installed a monitor with an alarm to continuously measure the air pressure within the room. A negative pressure was maintained throughout the installation process to ensure that any dust particles were contained within the construction area.

The hospital staff and leadership team are extremely pleased with the system and the space savings, organization, and ease of cleanliness it has afforded them. Click here to watch a video that illustrates the versatility of high density shelving.

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