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Flexible storage casegoods with supply trays dosing bins accommodate change

storage casegoods supply trays dosing binsModular millwork storage casegoods with supply trays and dosing bins provide lab technician workstation organizers flexible enough to accommodate change. Reconfigure, relocate, or repurpose it as space and process needs unfold to ensure ergonomic and productive use. It means facilities can reuse units to meet growing needs and save on equipment while keeping everyone safe and well.

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As a versatile, component-based solution, users can easily optimize the furniture system to support specific work requirements and personal comfort preferences. Units can include many worksurfaces large enough to allow more than one user to work in close proximity to each other. Coupled with the durability, cleanliness, or chemical resistance that it provides, facilities can maintain high health and safety standards. Personnel has ample space to run tests or complete everyday tasks without risking sample contamination or personal safety, increasing workflow efficiency.

Ergonomic lab technician workstation organizers promote efficient productivity

lab technician workstation organizersThe lab technician workstation organizers that have base modules can include an integrated, easy-to-access utility chase. It allows staff to add and remove technology and equipment "on demand" without shutting everything down or waiting for maintenance. The design hides plumbing utilities and more to eliminate it from counters and ensure users' have clean and organized space to work.

The flexible systems can even include tasks lights, phone platforms, scanner mounts and more. Asking experts to adapt these components to systems allows users to feel comfortable while working. Staff can see and reach everything without injury, allowing safer handling and complete workloads efficiently.

Ten reasons to choose modular millwork storage casegoods

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