Sterile pharmaceutical transport carts contribute to patient safety

sterile pharmaceutical transport cartsSterile pharmaceutical transport carts designed with modular construction that promotes flexibility and cleanliness are great to use healthcare facilities. Each includes baskets that fit options with an open or closed design to create mobile clean nursery ward storage which makes moving goods between departments more convenient. The modules even allow users to implement FIFO practices when dealing with dated inventory that could expire. Those who apply such principles can benefit in many ways, including lower stock and less risk that medication gets stored beyond its expiration date. Thus, proving that the portable systems are an effective solution to use in hospitals that want to save on material costs and increase patient safety.

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Sterile pharmaceutical transports carts save space

These rolling sterile pharmaceutical transport carts also allow users to save anywhere from 30 to 35 percent in storage capacity. Modules install close to one another with little dead space between to help users maximize capacity from every angle. Users can even rearrange the storage area to create a more workable space that provides easy navigation while improving workflow.

The systems modular construction makes it possible to use many column and shelving combinations. Column size options include 25″D x 16″W (D-type) or 16″cm D x 24″W (W-type). Available din-type columns measure 25″D x 12″W and can combine with D-type columns. Units with W-type or D-type chrome-plated steel wire shelves or full aluminum shelves can help users optimize available space to store boxes and are able to combine with columns.

baskets mobile clean nursery ward storage

Mobile clean nursery ward storage promotes organization

Users who take time to rearrange departmental storage can create a more workable space that ensures easy navigation and improved workflow. The structured storage in columns or on shelves can combine with a color-coded indexing system to allow easy and quick access to stored supplies. Baskets that fit the mobile clean nursery ward storage baskets can combine with dividers and label holders on the posts to provide an organized overview that eases inventory location and saves time.

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