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Stationary Four-Post Shelves Add Efficient Storage Space

stationary four post shelvesThe preservation team of a mansion, gardens, and arboretum repository, which had once been home to a prominent family with northeastern roots, was looking for a more efficient way to catalog more than 100 years of family history. The old way of cataloging inventory could no longer meet the demands of the site's rapidly growing collection. The collection of archives and materials needing to be better cared for had amassed to more than 8,000 letters and 5,000 photographs as well as some artwork, costumes, and diaries. At the recommendation of a space management company, the team sought out the advice of a storage expert to help solve the program. After several modifications had been made to make room for a solution, stationary four-post shelves were brought in because they add efficient storage space for preserving history. Click here to watch the flexibility of four-post shelves.

Stationary four-post shelves provide flexibility

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The stationary four-post shelves are the perfect solution for keeping the legacy of the people who once lived there alive because they are designed to add efficient storage space for preserving history. Built for supporting heavy loads, they are made from cool-rolled steel and used with welded-steel uprights. This makes them strong enough to store archival boxes of every shape and size in an organized and efficient fashion. And with the stationary four-post shelves in place, the preservation team now had the flexibility to improve how they kept track of their growing collection by using an electronic cataloging system. It made the job of cataloging inventory easier because it recorded where every piece was stored.

Stationary four-post shelves improve accessibility

add efficient storage space for preserving historyIn addition, with the installation of the stationary four-post shelves, accessibility to the stored archives and materials was much improved because similar items could now be grouped together better than before. It made the job of comparing and cross-referencing materials easier for the preservation team. It also meant efficient storage space now existed to receive and accommodate additional items in the foreseeable future.

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