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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Accounting services file folder storage organize materials in optimal space

static wall shelving partitioned drawers accounting services file folder storageStatic wall shelving with partitioned drawers provides accounting services file folder storage versatile enough to keep Indian Tribal financial supplies organized. This includes binders that users need easy access while reconciling outstanding balances. Experts provided it as a secondary solution to another with a mechanical-assist high-density space-saving design. It compacts while moving along floor rails, allowing users to store more in a smaller footprint. As a stationary alternative, this system backs up to a wall and spans floor to ceiling to maximize vertical space efficiency.

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The durable and attractive unit includes dividers that separate the available footprint to optimize use. Personnel has ergonomic access to ample space and can keep documents organized to help streamline the billing process. Many shelving compartments have an open design which allows staff to recognize and retrieve items without injury or error. Stack blank invoices and more there to ensure efficient supply consolidation and convenient employee access.

Static wall shelving with partitioned drawers

The static wall shelving includes partitioned drawers with efficient, safe space to keep small and easy-to-misplace materials organized. Stored content remains concealed from public view, leaving it less susceptible to theft. The components separate materials from within the most space-efficient footprint to simplify consolidation and prevent damage. 

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