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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Sterile bulk dry pet food supply wall storage

static veterinary hospital wire shelvingStatic veterinary hospital wire shelving provides bulk dry pet food supply wall storage that promotes cleanliness while saving space. The sterile racks have an open design that provides high visibility and airflow to minimize moisture and dirt buildup. Users can configure units to fit hard-to-reach corners during assembly using a rubber mallet. It ensures facilities avoid wasting premium space while putting it to more efficient use.

bulk dry pet food supply wall storage

Organized static veterinary hospital wire shelving maximizes space

When lifting heavy feed bags onto the static veterinary hospital wire shelving, staff should stack everything flat or sideways to maximize the available space. It ensures handlers can slide items out without damaging others during retrieval. Stand smaller bags on higher racks to ensure staff has organized, ergonomic access and avoid injury during picking. Backing systems up against walls allows users' easy, safe aisle access and saves productive floor space.

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