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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Static & mobile laptop charging benches & tables for collaborative learning spaces

static library lounge computer powering bench seatingStatic and mobile laptop charging benches and tables provide library lounge seating and workstations that students can use to plug in electronics. Have experts install these attractive solutions within academic learning spaces, as one facility did here. It ensures college scholars have a quiet place to connect and collaborate with others.

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The flexible furniture includes integrated electrical components that ensure students have convenient access to technology. The stationary storage solutions found closer to book stacks have a backless design with top cushion low occasional tables between. It creates a more functional, open-style arrangement with a subtle yet cohesive look. Users feel welcome and comfortable enough to engage with others sitting on the opposite side.

mobile laptop charging tables workstationsMore static library lounge seating, with the same pleasing design, sits backed up to an empty wall. It promotes better space use and comfort to ensure students maintain good posture while working there. Others that have upholstered backs provide the same benefit. All include attractive metal legs sturdy enough to support occupants' weight during prolonged use.

Flexible library lounge seating & workstations

Group a few mobile laptop charging tables together, as the facility did here. It creates more efficient workstations that small groups can use to collaborate. Everyone has easy access to electrical components and can connect to technology in an instant. Users have full relocation flexibility if wanting some privacy or needing to rearrange the area. The arrangement allows enough space to integrate matching chairs that provide students a convenient and comfortable place to sit.

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