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Last updated: June 13, 2016

Acid Free Boxes & Compact Shelving for Archives Storage

state archives compact shelving storage archive boxes racksProper storage for archival materials is incredibly important for keeping them preserved and protected as best as possible. However, archival applications also need to consider factors such as space, accessibility, and security along with meeting strict archival storage protection standards. A state archives building utilized a combination compact shelving and acid free boxes to store and preserve works on paper, facility house maps, public records, books, film, and a variety of other historic documents safely and securely (see images).

Mobile track lines were placed on the state archives building's concrete floors to provide nearly two miles of storage space. Flat file pull-out drawers allow for proper storage of maps and other works on paper while saving space. Other materials are stored on the compact shelving, which is able to house anything from books to boxes and everything in between. The acid-free material of the compact shelving and pull-out drawers ensure that stored materials will remain in the best shape possible for years to come.

Additionally, they were able to save a substantial amount of space thanks to the compact shelving. Instead of multiple static access aisles, the shelves are mounted on mobile carriages and compact together when not in use. Up to six shelving units can be moved at a time with minimal effort. Almost any type of storage can be mounted on the carriages, including four-post shelves and cabinets. Click here to watch a video about how compact shelving works to save space.

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WidthDepthHeightNumber of ShelvesPart # 
30” 30” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP303076 works on paper
30” 30” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP303088
30” 36” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP303676
30” 36” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP303688
36” 30” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP363076
36” 30” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP363088
36” 36” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP363676
36” 36” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP363688
42” 30” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP423076
42” 30” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP423088
42” 36” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP423676
42” 36” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP423688
48” 30” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP483076
48” 30” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP483088
48” 36” 76.25” 16 SMS-17-WP483676
48” 36” 88.25” 19 SMS-17-WP483688

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