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Last updated: May 11, 2018

Flexible & efficient stainless wall cabinets promote cleanliness & productivity

stainless wall cabinets glass doors shelvesStainless wall cabinets with glass doors and shelves provide adjustable hospital lab storage with flexible and efficient space to store supplies. Each installs with secure ease to underused areas to free up premium space for more productive activities. Interior components can adapt to optimize space and allow maximum use while others provide safe material visibility from the outside.

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They're designed to protect against rust and corrosion to keep stored items clean and contamination free. Units can even withstand most hazardous chemicals and cleaning agents that eliminate surface germs and bacteria. The systems can also have solid doors with flat or sloped tops that keep items hidden away from view. Using them over the featured ones ensures extra protection against tampering and theft.

Adjustable hospital lab storage maximizes space

The adjustable hospital storage shelving sits one under the other with enough space between each level to allow material stacking. Make changes to the components to expand or minimize the area based on inventory needs. Leaving sizable gaps in between each level allows users to store items together and maximize space.

Features for stainless wall cabinets with glass doors & shelves

adjustable hospital lab storageSanitary stainless wall cabinets with glass doors and shelves hang on mounting rails above counter worksurfaces to allow convenient access to supplies. Units ship assembled to ease installation and speed use. System features that add value while keeping cost low to ensure affordability include:

Doors: Hinged doors available with a solid or tempered glass design and crescent-type handles that speed access to materials stored inside.

Tops: Cabinets available with flat or 6" sloped tops that prevent users from placing items above to ensure safety.

Shelves: Interior shelves constructed from 20 gauge durable stainless steel and adjustable on 1.26" increments, allowing users to create optimal storage.

Cabinet Construction: Cabinets assembled with rivet construction which allows users to replace cabinet parts in the event of damage by removing and replacing panels one at a time.

Capacity: Cabinets can support 300 pounds when properly anchored to the wall.

Door Hinges (Two per door): Door hinges allow users to open doors up to 270° and have an assisted closing feature (at less than 5 degrees open) to ensure doors stay closed (no latches required).

Optional locks that provide material security available upon request.

Warranty: Product has manufacturer's limited factory warranty on workmanship and all metal components for 10 years.

Rivet Construction Benefits:

  • Rivets have the same static tensile and peel strength but offer twice the fatigue life.
  • Process monitoring can be visually done with rivets while spot welds cannot. (You can have bad spot welds without knowing it.)
  • Rivets do not require heat which can alter the metallurgical properties and make the product vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Rivets allow reuse and recycling. Components can easily be removed with rivet construction and replaced.

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