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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Adjustable industrial bulk parts transport storage simplify material handling

stainless utility shelf cartsStainless utility shelf carts provide adjustable industrial bulk parts transport storage with the mobile flexibility to simplify material handling. Rather than hand-carrying heavy supplies from one place to another, users can rely on the sturdy systems to do it. Personnel experience fewer injuries while moving everything faster, increasing productivity. It can roll with ergonomic ease due to dual height-appropriate push handles and casters that promote instant space savings during relocation.

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Stainless utility shelf carts

The stainless utility shelf carts design includes components that allow flexible placement in 1" increments to ensure users have efficient space to organize inventory. Combined with sturdy yet easy-to-clean work surfaces, available models can withstand heavy and sanitary use in the healthcare and hospitality industries too. Use the easy-to-maintain mobile solutions to bring resort guests or medical patients food and more. This includes everyday personal hygiene items that visitors sometimes forget in an emergency or while packing for an unexpected trip.

adjustable industrial bulk parts transport storageUnits allow personnel working in these environments and others convenient, ready access to stored materials without risking their health and safety. An open design ensures efficient airflow reaches items on every level, eliminating unsanitary dust. Equipment avoids under-performing in the field, allowing facilities to maximize use and reduce waste.

Construction: Galvanized or type 304 stainless steel construction as indicated on model ensures durable, clean use.

Shelves: Two or three shelves as indicated on model able to accommodate adjustments on 1" increments, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions. Wire, solid, and plastic shelves available to use in the same unit, increasing versatility during design.

Weight Capacity: Systems can support up to 1200 lbs.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

Certifications: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.

Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer's limited warranty on stainless steel and galvanized finishes.

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