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Last updated: April 04, 2019

Stainless sterile pack bed storage carts ensure sanitary hospital use

stainless sterile pack bed storage cartsStainless sterile pack bed storage carts or rust resistant tray transport shelves promote cleanliness and more to ensure sanitary hospital use. The modular solution will not release unwanted dust particles, making it a cleaner alternative to plastic or powder coated shelves. Harmful germs avoid materializing, allowing facilities to maintain sanitary work conditions and keep everyone safe.

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Flexible in design, units withstand scratch damage and have efficient spacing between shelf levels. It helps ensure users avoid injury during tool-free reconfiguration. Stored items avoid damage during integration as well, eliminating contamination. Hospitals then avoid experiencing material loss and have less unsafe waste to dispose of, saving money. Rather, they get to make the most of inventory while providing safe and efficient patient care.

Rust-resistant tray transport shelves allow space-saving relocation

rust resistant tray transport shelvesThe rust resistant tray transport shelves can have leveling feet rather than wheels to ensure steady use on uneven surfaces. As a portable solution, users can relocate it when needing to save space. Stack bins and sterile kits up to eight high per row to maximize space efficiency.

Able to consolidate that much within the same unit, facilities can use less equipment to keep everything organized and save money. It simplifies cleaning and searching when the staff needs fast access to items. System components such as 110% retractable extension slides allow users full and ergonomic access to stored materials. Others, like raised side and back walls, prevent containers and trays from falling while users move the beds in and out.

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