Compliant stainless steel pharmacy storage & pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods

stainless steel pharmacy storageA pair of healthcare professionals had their hands full when tasked with designing a 846 square-foot retail and 8,536 square-foot central pharmacy. It needed to comply with standards set forth by a new 223-bed hospital, which was created to compete with health systems serving two major metropolitan cities. The space also needed to be just as aesthetically pleasing, while also keeping pace with the workflow levels experienced at the hospital. A combination of stainless steel pharmacy storage and pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods were adapted for use in response. Stainless steel pharmacy storage and pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods are just two examples of the types of casework offered. (Read more)

Accessible stainless steel pharmacy storage wards off infection

revit bim modelsThe adoption of stainless steel pharmacy storage and pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods went along way to alleviate several common workflow issues that plague pharmacies. For instance, two-way stainless steel pharmacy storage was built into the wall of an area of space in the ante room. It was designed in such a way that supplies like IV solutions could be unpacked and loaded inside by technicians without stepping foot into the 500 square-foot ante room, which served as the only point-of-access to the adjoining clean room. Accessing the cabinet this way effectively helped ward off the presence of infection by eliminating the possibility of compromising the air with cardboard or microbial particles.

Pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods add efficiency

pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoodsSeveral pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods were used to round out the look of the space, allowing for an increased level of efficiency to take hold in many areas. This included a compounding room used by Neonatal Intensive Care, complete with space for a glove box, medication pick station, sink, sufficient counter space and storage, as well as an under-the-counter refrigeration unit and work desk. Two walls of storage were used for the purpose of shielding the open order entry area from the noise and heat generated from nearby carousels and refrigerators. With the support of pharmaceutical cabinet shelving casegoods, staff pharmacists were permitted to carry out task-specific duties and place phone calls right from the comfort of their desk computers, while also retaining easy access to medications. Chemical resistance and durability, as well as a stark contrast to stray white pills were provided for and substantiated by the black phenolic resin work surface utilized in the retail and work pharmacies. Storage aisle end caps with bins color-coded to each hospital floor help with organization in the employee fill area. ADA compliant slanted removable panels, located below the sinks, also safeguard staff from hot pipes.

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