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Last updated: April 24, 2018

Flexible stainless steel storage promotes cleanliness efficiency & productivity

stainless steel drawer cabinetsStainless steel mobile transport tables and drawer cabinets with overhead shelves provide sanitary storage solutions designed to thrive in healthcare facilities. Each includes convenient surface space that can handle productive activities and flexible, making either good choices as hospital workstations. Both can sit back against a wall to save space and promote cleanliness to prevent bacterial growth.

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Users can keep units close to another as shown in the photograph to make material transferral between each easier and more efficient. It saves time and allows users flexibility to bring work along while checking on patients that require care. Positioning each close to wall power plugs allows the systems to promote technology integration, helping speed productivity.

Drawer cabinets with overhead shelves ensure ample storage

mobile transport tables overhead shelves storageThe drawer cabinets with overhead shelves provide ample storage space to keep materials organized and accessible. Users have the capacity to consolidate inventory while still keeping it close to allow convenient, ready use. Units available with stainless steel wire pull handles and full extension ballbearing slide to ensure easy access to stored items. These casework-type systems come in a standing height that promotes comfort to prevent injury. Each features an inset design that allows components to install flush with the face of the cabinet, creating a clean and attractive look.

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