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Last updated: May 25, 2018

Clean & tidy sewing fabric & beading supply storage

stainless retail crafting benches shelvesStainless retail crafting benches with shelves provide sewing fabric and beading supply storage that can keep loose textiles and costume jewels tidy. The sturdy perforated surface top allows ventilation to eliminate dust, keeping items clean. It provides users with a comfortable place to sit while working on samples and allows convenient access to materials when mending merchandise. Staff can reach down below and retrieve essentials as needed without much physical strain or delay to workflow.

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Stainless retail crafting benches with shelves ease item access

The stainless retail crafting benches have shelves that appear angled to allow a gravity-feed effect which keeps items near the front to ensure easy access. Ample space between the seating and undershelf allows users to store folded cloth and packaged buttons in a stacked capacity that ensures maximum use. Systems feature an electropolished finish that adds pleasing aesthetics.

sewing fabric beading supply storageUnits include a single shelf and do not come with dividers which allow added organization. Those featuring shelves up to 48" wide can hold up 800 lbs per shelf based on even weight distribution. The ones with shelves over 48" wide can support up to 600 lbs per shelf with even weight distribution.

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