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Stainless hospitality service carts promote efficient productivity 

stainless hospitality service carts wire shelvingStainless hospitality service carts with wire shelving provide hotel bed linen or food storage with the mobile flexibility to promote efficient staff productivity. Available options include either two or three shelf components made from sturdy construction that allows airflow to prevent dust and promote cleanliness. An open design helps speed item access when working with a time constraint and needing to have things in order before new guests check in.

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Ergonomic hotel bed linen or food storage

Used as hotel bed linen or food storage, users have access to two ergonomic handles that ease steering when units are weighted down with assorted items. Each helps maids or kitchen staff to bring items to wherever needed fast and not put physical strain on the body to prevent injury. The same components combined with wheels on the bottom facilitate safe transportability. It helps ensure stored materials don't fall off and get dirty during transit.

Stainless hospitality service carts allow maximum space use & more

The stainless hospitality service carts have sterile wire shelving that can support between 600 and 800 lbs each, with even weight distribution. The exact weight the components can hold depends on if they're up to or over 48" wide. All provide ample space to stack clean folded bedding or empty serving dishes that need storing in a closet. Using the area to accommodate items in this capacity ensures maximum space use and more organized material distribution.

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