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Last updated: May 14, 2019

Ergonomic stainless counter drawer cabinets promote user health & safety

stainless counter drawer cabinetsStainless counter drawer cabinets provide adjustable sterile medical supply ward storage safe enough to use in hospitals. It includes leveling feet that users can adapt to create the most ergonomic and safest working conditions. Everyone, no matter if tall or short, has the flexibility to avoid injury with a simple modification. Facilities can then save money on equipment while keeping personnel safe and healthy. Smaller-budget hospitals have efficient funds to meet other production needs and maintain proper sanitation practices.

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Adjustable sterile medical supply ward storage

adjustable sterile medical supply ward storageThe adjustable sterile medical supply ward storage spans an existing wall to maximize space efficiency. It allows facilities to avoid expanding the footprint to accommodate the installation, ensuring affordability. System compartments have pull handles that simplify material access in an emergency. Units have a backsplash along the top that contains spills to eliminate contamination.

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Consolidate anything that you don't need to use within the space-efficient compartments. It keeps the items free from dust and being stolen or tampered with, allowing facilities to avoid losing valuable inventory. Employees have convenient access to the counter space and avoid feeling disorganized while working, too.

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