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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Stacked small parts bin storage cabinets save space

stacked small parts bin storage cabinetsAdapting clear drawers into industrial steel shelving creates stacked small parts bin storage cabinets that users can mount to walls to save space. Have experts providing installation assistance to integrate the systems to turntables as an alternative. Warehouse staff then have ergonomic access to organized materials and facilities avoid throwing older equipment away. Rather, it enjoys a longer lifespan and saves management from paying someone else to remove it off-site.

As an alternative, small retailers that provide bridal gown alteration services can use the systems to store and organize replacement dress beads. Consolidating these dedicate items inside the durable solutions helps keep everything safe, limiting material loss. Retailers then spend less on replacements and have efficient supplies on hand to manage unexpected wardrobe emergencies.

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Stacked small parts bin storage cabinets simplify inventory organization

clear drawers industrial steel shelvingThis series features seven stacked small parts bin storage cabinets, all which include self-adhesive labels to simplify organization. While users can see stored items, labeling the compartments further helps prevent picking error during retrieval. It eases restocking as well, allowing personnel efficient time to do other things.

Systems have ready made holes in the rear to simplify the wall mounting process. Anyone wanting to optimize the interior space can integrate specialized divider accessories. Their use means personnel can optimize the area to keep everything organized, safe and clean to ensure proper performance.

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