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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Adjustable museum archive drawer & tray storage maximizes space efficiency

stackable lift off door cabinets

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Accessorized stackable lift-off door cabinets provide adjustable museum archive drawer and tray storage durable and flexible enough to preserve fragile collections. Able to add and adapt components, users can create the safest preservation conditions inside. Then change the area as needed to accommodate growth in the same space, maximizing footprint efficiency. Facilities have fewer systems to keep clean but ensure displayed artifacts maintain their integrity.

Stackable lift-off door cabinets preserve

Able to accommodate static and space-saving mobile applications, the stackable lift-off door cabinets have standard features. Some that help users ensure proper collection preservation include:

  • A specialized watershield top that protects collections from water damage due to overhead sprinkler deployment or malfunction.
  • Three-point latching system provides reliable security to keep stored collections safe from theft.
  • Clean and durable non-off-powder coat finish minimizes deterioration risk to ensure collections have a longer lifespan.

All shelving accessories allow vertical adjustments on 1" centers from users wanting to create optimal preservation conditions. Some available options include:

  • Standard-duty shelves that have a 100-lb weight capacity.adjustable museum archive drawer tray storage
  • Heavy-duty shelves have a 300-lb weight capacity.
  • Forklift or caster bases to ease system relocation when facilities need to save space.
  • Full-height center dividers that allow removal from users rearranging the space to maximize use.
  • Full extension 3", 4", and 6" drawers allow users ergonomic, injury-free access to stored collections

Units can accommodate many door options, including those with a solid or glass design which provide security and safe visibility to prevent collection damage. Users can request that systems have screen vents with sliding closures accessible on the outside. Configurations, except ones with visual doors, can fit handles with same and different key locks. Non-Locking options that use an escutcheon plate rather than a lock available, too.

Watch a video that highlights museum cabinets and compact shelving that saves space.

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