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Ergonomic dunnage platforms ensure ample storage for containers saving space

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Users can stack and nest bins when empty or add optional tops that snap into place with secure ease to create a space-saving tote solution that protects contents. Lids have the capacity to fasten and lock, so users can depend on the component to keep stored materials safe. Each feature heavy-duty construction that can withstand transporting valuable items in any application. Units are reusable and can sit on dunnage platforms with ample storage space to get the containers off the floor. Their ergonomic design allows users to avoid moving in an unnatural capacity that could cause injury and limit productivity, promoting better health and safety.

Stack & nest bins fit tops creating secure tote

reusable dunnage platforms storage containersThese stack & nest bins fit tops that snap on and can fasten and lock to create a secure tote with reusable potential. The dunnage platforms have more than enough storage space to ensure users avoid setting containers on the floor. They're made from lightweight, structural foam, high density polyethylene that can support up to 4,000 lbs. in weight capacity. It can even withstand temperatures that range from -20 to 212-degrees Fahrenheit and features a 10" clearance to make cleaning faster and more convenient. Users can even steam clean the one-piece unit, which won't rust or corrode and resists mold and mildew.

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