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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Flexible school auditorium stage speaker podiums

sports stadium media conference standsPublic sports stadium media conference stands or school auditorium stage speaker podiums with a slender, static design can fit tight presentation spaces. While tall and slim, units have the flexible technological capacity to reach large audiences. Able to accommodate integrated electronics, systems ensure everyone can hear and see presenters. This includes reporters and parents standing or sitting at the back during critical athletic season interviews or theatre performances.

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Able to take in everything around them, journalists can make more efficient notes during this time. Then write an informative story that strikes a chord with readers, improving newspaper sales and online traffic. Parents can have more engaging conversations with their kids and cultivate better relationships as a result. Either scenario provides a good reason why athletic and educational environments should purchase and use the lecterns.

Why buy ergonomic sports stadium media conference stands

school auditorium stage speaker podiumsRead on to learn more about why buying the sports stadium media conference stands would prove beneficial.

  • The ergonomic-height appropriate systems stand ready to use whenever needed. Athletes avoid injury during interviews and perform up to standard on the field or court.
  • Users have access to a flat-top surface large enough to keep reference materials organized and handy during interviews.
  • Interior shelves with cable pass-through capabilities ease electronics integration. So, news outlets can deliver informative messages to audiences in moments. 

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