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Pivoting nail storage carousels promote space savings & more

spinning industrial hardware shelf bins dividersSpinning industrial hardware shelf bins with dividers provide pivoting nail storage carousels that have a compact design which promotes space savings and more. Convenient one-piece steel shelves rotate separate from each other to bring heavy, difficult to store and organize items to users with ergonomic ease. Users have faster access to stored tools and can manage picking materials, fasteners and bolts with greater physical efficiency to avoid injury. Each includes welded components which separate and optimize space to maximize use. Levels have little space in-between to allow independent operation in a compact footprint which promotes space savings.

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Spinning industrial hardware shelf bins

The spinning industrial hardware shelf bins with dividers have many attractive features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

Construction: All welded steel construction ensures lasting, durable use.

pivoting nail storage carousels

Shelves: Each shelf rotates independently on heavy-duty ball bearings to allow users more efficient and comfortable item access. Shelves constructed from one piece of steel with dividers welded to form permanent compartments that keep items neat and tidy. The 17" diameter units have four fixed compartments per shelf while 28" diameter units have six fixed compartments per shelf. The 34" and 44" diameter units have five fixed compartments per shelf. Bolt-on dividers allow users the option to add more for extra partitioning of compartments.

Weight Capacity: The 17" diameter units have a 60 lbs. per shelf capacity, 28" and 34" diameter units have a 500 lbs. capacity per shelf and 44" diameter units have a 625 lbs. capacity per shelf. Maximum weight capacities based on evenly distributed weight loads.

Finish: Durable gray powder coat finish provides an attractive look.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled (easy do-it-yourself assembly).

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Made in the USA

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