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Last updated: November 05, 2019

Liquid containment & dispense storage with industrial forklift access

spill control drum racks

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Chemical spill control drum racks provide liquid containment and dispense storage with industrial forklift access to simplify relocation. In which case, you can move it as needed without any manual lifting. It frees up production space while preventing users from being injured. Facilities then have increased capacity to maintain day-to-day operations and efficient laborers to help finish everything.

Furthermore, the large platform underneath prevents fluids from running onto the floor. Therefore, no one working in the area risks slipping and falling while handling materials. It helps reduce workplace accidents so companies save on workers' compensation insurance claim costs. Therefore, organizations maintain financial health and stability while meeting their legal responsibility to provide personnel with safe work conditions.

Durable spill control drum racks simplify dispensingliquid containment dispense storage industrial forklift

The durable spill control drum racks allow you to store barrels off the floor, so users have safer ergonomic access and visibility to simplify dispensing. All excess fluids remain in the space-efficient sump tray, helping ensure safer waste disposal during forklift use.  Able to see and reach the barrels, staff avoids personal harm and material handling errors. The sump tray also fits user-provided buckets to catch anything extra that drips out, keeping the area clean. It helps prevent any overspray from transferring onto you or the floor. Therefore, you don't have to stop what you're doing to clean up the mess and can focus on being more productive. 

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