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Specialty powered mobile shelving creates space for improved storage efficiency

specialty powered mobile shelvingA football athletics center maintained on a university campus was recently outfitted with specialty powered mobile shelving as part of an expansion. It stood to raise the bar where the issue of storage was concerned. This is because the system effectively creates space for improved storage efficiency. How exactly this is accomplished can be explained just by taking a closer look at how it works. The system features carriages on tracks that compact into a smaller footprint with just the touch of a button, resulting in additional space for storage. The amount of space recovered doubled in size for the football athletic staff. And the increase in storage capacity meant there was enough room to accommodate the needs of the football team and than some to handle overflow from other athletic teams. See how powered mobile shelving creates space for improved storage efficiency.

Specialty powered mobile shelving provides secure accessibility

Sporting equipment can be expensive to replace, especially if damaged or lost. With the specialty powered mobile shelving in place, however, this wasn't as big of a concern for the university football team. This is because, in addition to the fact that the system creates space for improved storage efficiency, it positions the carriages so close to another that the need for excess aisles is eliminated. They also lock easily into place for secure access to equipment stored there.

Specialty powered mobile shelving provides more flexibility

creates space for improved storage efficiencyBuilt for optimal flexibility, the specialty powered mobile shelving allowed for the football team to design storage fit for their needs. And, because they are so adaptable, making adjustments for over 100 multi-compartment game lockers, was no problem. The lockers held gear needed for games, travel bags and equipment used for practice. Cubbies for face gear and helmets were also added to maximize the vertical storage space, available. Open shelving was used for storing extra apparel such as coaches gear, warm-ups, shorts and T-shirts. Miscellaneous items - including shoulder pads and rain gear - and shoes in shoe boxes were also housed on open shelving. One specialty powered mobile shelving system featured drawers for storing rings and watches. It also included shelves for varsity blankets and jackets. See the system at work before becoming specialty powered mobile shelving storage space.

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