optimized picking with software driven horizontal carousels

software driven horizontal carousels

Many business warehouses are turning to innovative, automated storage solutions to replace their traditional and often outdated storage and retrieval methods. With manual picking, employees will often spend 50% or more of the total order picking time just for traveling across the warehouse. Picking rates from 50-75 picks per hour are also standard with manual picking processes. With software driven horizontal carousels, you can increase picking rates and throughput in your warehouse. Many warehouses see their picking rates increase to more than 200 picks per hour with horizontal carousels alone. With properly implemented and maintained software, the picking rates can even be doubled again to 4 times the manual pick rate. Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

software for horizontal carousels

If you already have a horizontal carousel system installed in your warehouse or are thinking of getting one, software is also an important consideration to make towards your warehouse’s productivity levels. Common horizontal carousel software includes pick-to-light and batching picking technology. There are multiple levels and types of software available for inventory control, inventory management, transaction processes, and carousel movement, and many of these solutions for software driven horizontal carousels can be tailored and customized to fit your warehouse’s specific needs to increase picking rates and throughput.

increase picking rates and throughput with software driven horizontal carousels

Pick-to-light software

Pick-to-light technology improves accuracy of picking on average by 99.9%. These systems combined with carousels are unique because the selection and put lights are only needed at the selection and end of the carousels. The storage bins are moved around the carousel track and positioned as needed in front of the pick lights. Even if there are more than 100 moving bins on the carousel, there only needs to be as many pick lights as there are selection levels. Lights can also be set up to direct the worker where to place products in a particular order bin after an item is picked for greater accuracy.

batch picking software

Batch picking or order batching software combined with software driven horizontal carousels and pick to light technology can increase picking rates and throughput by 8 times the manual rate. As many as 40 orders can be picked in one rotation of the software driven horizontal carousel with pick lights. Combined with pick-to-light software, batch picking can greatly reduce the amount of walking required for order picking. The operator also has virtually no wait time between picks, as the software driven horizontal carousels can position the next pick on average within a matter of seconds.

software driven horizontal carousels increase throughput

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