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Last updated: September 23, 2020

Luxury Apartments Adding High-End Amenities

smart package lockers at the Austin luxury apartment complexReal-estate in Austin, TX is booming. Developers are building condos and apartment complexes all over the city. To compete and stand out, many of them are offering tenants high-end amenities like salt water pools with water features, outdoor entertainment areas, and fitness centers with personal trainers. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.

One real-estate development company working on a new luxury apartment complex opted to add smart package lockers. Not only are the lockers a perk for residents, but they also make it easier for staff to manage package deliveries. (Check out our FAQs for smart package lockers.)

Making Things Easy for Staff & Residents

Making life easy for residents was one of the main goals the development company had for the new apartments. The complex is in a great location with easy access to bars and restaurants; dog-friendly to match their resident’s lifestyles; and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. View more apartment & condo storage solutions

But with over 500 units, the amount of time staff would be spending managing packages meant other things might slip through the cracks. And with the increase in people shopping online, more packages than ever are delivered on a daily basis. Plus, residents are paying for high-end luxury, they don’t want to schedule their time around office hours just to pick up a package. 

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Designing & Installing the Smart Package Lockers

To find a solution to this problem, the development company searched online. That’s when they came across our smart package lockers and reached out. When Ray Streight, Southwest Solutions Group’s President, met with the development company for their free space analysis, he discovered the company was worried about the large number of units and small space allocated for the lockers.

smart package lockers for easy parcel managementFor Ray, it was an easy problem to solve. He and the SSG planning team got to work creating designs for the smart package lockers. Using templates and a special sizing formula, Ray and his team created plan drawings of the smart package lockers for the development company. (Architects can add smart package lockers to a design with our BIM/Revit models.)

Then, once the layout and color scheme was finalized, our installation team got to work. In almost no time at all, the smart package lockers were installed and put to use.

Results of the Smart Package Locker Installation

Now that the smart package lockers are in, the development company couldn’t be happier. The lockers allow external or internal parcel delivery agents to drop off packages as soon as they arrive. Once the packages are placed in the lockers, an email or text (with a unique code) is automatically sent out to the recipient notifying them their package has arrived, and they can pick it up whenever it’s convenient for them.

Staff no longer needs to worry about boxes piling up in the office. And they’re better able to serve their resident’s other needs because they don’t need to spend so much time managing packages.

Residents are happy with the smart package lockers too because they can pick up their packages anytime, as the lockers are accessible 24/7. Also, the packages can only be retrieved with the unique code, ensuring items are safe and secure from possible theft or damage.

Contact Us for Smart Package Lockers at Your Luxury Apartment Complex

Southwest Solutions Group® will handle every detail of your smart package locker project including a free space analysis, detailed plan drawings, and end-to-end installation. To learn more about the lockers and our services, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. We will put you in touch with the smart package locker specialist in your area.


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