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Last updated: September 14, 2018

Sloped stainless cleanroom cabinets resist corrosion & rust growth

sloped stainless cleanroom cabinetsSloped stainless cleanroom cabinets provide sterile ward or wet and outdoor area locker storage durable enough to resist corrosion and rust growth. Systems feature sturdy, high-quality construction that provides the clean and attractive look many environments like. This includes everywhere from medical facilities to food processing plants and beyond. Pick from configurations that have one, two, or up to six-tier door openings wide enough to provide full ergonomic item access. Single units can include slanted tops to deter hospital physicians, nurses, and interns from storing anything up there. It helps reduce dust collection and maintain a cleaner appearance to ensure sanitary use with every shift change.

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Users can even specify solutions have flat tops which still provide the sleek, clean look that appeals to the healthcare industry. Either option features a space-efficient interior big enough to keep whatever users need safe and organized. Certain models allow personnel to store items like hats and smaller valuables on the top shelf while hanging lab coats below. It helps ensure everything has a place and allows convenient ready material use in an emergency.

Affordable sterile ward wet & outdoor area locker storage features

sterile ward wet outdoor area locker storageSterile ward or wet and outdoor area locker storage includes many features that help keep costs low. Among them are:

Construction: Locker bodies made from 24-gauge 304 stainless steel durable enough to provide reliable service through the years. Single and double-tier doors feature 16-gauge (six-high lockers feature 18-gauge) 304 stainless steel construction that provides added sturdiness. All doors include louvers that allow proper airflow to reach the inside and keep stored items fresh.

Door Hinges: Doors use 2-1/2" 5-knuckle hinges with an easy-hanging feature that allows hassle-free installation.

Handles: Single and double-tier lockers have a deep drawn stainless steel recessed handle with multi-point gravity lift-type latching. Six-tier lockers have single-point finger-pull. Lockers designed to allow use with a padlock (not included) that provide efficient theft and tampering protection.

Interior Hooks: Single and double-tier lockers have one double prong ceiling hook and three single hooks per opening to help users keep items organized. Six-tier systems do not have hooks.

Hat Shelf: Single-tier lockers include one hat shelf.

Legs: Lockers include 6" legs as a standard, but users can purchase units without legs for a nominal charge.

GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified

Two-year manufacturer's warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship excluding finish, damage resulting from deliberate destruction, and vandalism.

Optional Coat Rods: Available to use with single and double-tier systems at a nominal cost.

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