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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Collision-proof adjustable small parts mobile cabinets optimize tight spaces

slim drawer tool carts collision proof adjustable small parts mobile cabinetsSlim drawer tool carts provide collision-proof adjustable small parts mobile cabinets that can fit narrow, tight spaces to optimize use. An ergonomic handle eases steering, allowing users to navigate units into unused corners in moments. It ensures facilities avoid wasting premium space while putting it to more efficient use.

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Systems have the strength to protect industrial supplies locked inside during transit, even as handlers move it over rough shop floors. It ensures facilities have less waste and can get the most from their material investment. Interior heavy-duty and flexible shelving components provide users' the space to keep supplies separate, yet handy and organized to speed retrieval.

Slim drawer tool carts keep items safe & organized

Users can adapt shelves found inside the slim drawer tool carts to accommodate material needs. This includes creating efficient space to keep items safe and undamaged during storage and transport. Organized resources lie flat or sideways to avoid scratch marks that can lead to inefficient performance and allows staff safe, injury-free manual handling.

  • Units have a three-point locking system and caster handle that users can secure with a padlock to prevent material theft and tampering.
  • Systems feature swivel casters that provide safe transportability as users relocate stored supplies from one work area to another.
  • Sturdy drawers can support 400 lbs in weight capacity.
  • Made from steel construction durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

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