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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Sit-stand desk risers on office tables promote workplace comfort

sit stand desk risers office tablesIntegrating ergonomic sit-stand desk risers to office tables creates adjustable workbenches with tablet stands and shelves that increase comfort in the workplace. Adding the ergonomic systems to existing equipment allows facilities to improve employee work conditions without buying everything new. Commercial businesses have less to replace and avoid accumulating waste that costs money to remove off-site. Employees can arrange the units in moments to match personal height preferences and avoid injury.

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Adjustable workbenches keep users healthy

The adjustable workbenches with tablet stands and shelves feature an ergonomic design that allows users to see and access technology while sitting or standing. Able to change position, staff increase physical activity and feel less tired as the day progresses. It allows facilities to have fewer production delays and maintain a competitive edge.

Sit-stand desks on office tables ensure increased productivity

adjustable workbenches tablet stands shelvesThese sit-stand desks take up minimal office table space, leaving users enough room to keep supplies organized and ready-to-access. This includes writing utensils and notebooks that contain sensitive project details. Personnel maintain client confidentiality and has everything within reach, increasing work efficiency. 

Work Surface: Able to support up to two 21" monitors.

Tablet Stand: Convenient tablet stand built into the platform.

Shelves: Ergonomic back-tilt retractable or full-width keyboard tray as indicated on models.

Height Adjustment: Gas-lift springs raise and lower from 6" to 20" high, allowing users to create the most ergonomic working conditions

Weight Capacity: Units can support up to 33 lbs.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Click here to watch a video about ergonomic sit-stand adjustable workstations.

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