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Last updated: May 16, 2016

Single-Sided Point-of-Need Storage

single sided bin transport storage systemsSingle-sided bin transport storage systems are a new option similar to sliding plastic bin shelving that provides access at the point of need. These units off enhanced convenience and flexibility as they can be transported quickly and easily, in addition to the space-saving ability to store them against a wall and not out in the middle of your floor.

Widely Configurable & Flexible

The single-sided bin transport storage is especially useful in cleanroom applications, where the units can be easily moved away from the wall for thorough cleaning and moved back into place when you're done. The storage systems are used in healthcare settings, manufacturing facilities, and any application where units are stored against the wall and transported directly to the point of need.

The units are fully configurable, offering enhanced storage flexibility. They will accept standard cantilever shelving accessories, including wire shelving which is often used in cleanroom applications and electronics storage. The storage systems can also be configured with sliding plastic bin shelving rail systems and associated components, including small bins and trays.provide point of need access single sided bin carts

As far as appearances go, this can also be customized to integrate with your setting. Optional bumpers are available to protect the unit as well as walls and other obstructions during transport, and optional handles are also available for ease of use in dark grey or tan. The units can be coated in a wide range of durable powder-coat paint colors.

The units can be ordered in standard cantilever shelving widths with the maximum nominal frame height being 73" to ensure clearance through doorways. The bases measure 20" so they can accommodate 18" trays.

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