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Short-term fold down seating save space

short term fold down seatingShort-term fold down seating and detention bench chairs for prisoners save space because they are mounted directly to the wall. For this reason, they are a cost-effective way for law enforcement agencies to reclaim valuable floor space for more productive uses. They also serve as a safe, secure and comfortable place for detainees to sit while waiting to be put through the intake process at the station. This is because they were built with the human body mind. Flexible tension components found in the human spine were combined with rigid compression elements of a cantilevered bridge when its design was crafted. A wall-attached seat elevated six inches from the ground, with a slender profile that measures less than four inches when not in use was the end result. Its innovative design makes cleaning a breeze, while also allowing for space to be maximized. See short-term fold down seating in action. (Watch video)

Accessible short-term fold down seating

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Thanks to its flex-spring design, these short-term fold down seating and detention bench chairs for prisoners save space by automatically folding up and down, with very little effort or conscious thought from occupants. And, since it is mounted to the wall, seating is more accessible and readily available for use. Detainees waiting to be booked on criminal charges are also prohibited from dismantling this short-term fold down seating. This is because it fully functions without hinges. It can also support weight of up to 600 pounds.

Short-term fold down seating protected from damage

detention bench chairs for prisoners save spaceThis short-term fold down seating is made with NAUF birch plywood and available in three different installations, including flat, sloped or tiered. A variety of textile, surface and paint finishes are also available, making it easy for you to match the chairs to your existing decor. Thanks to antimicrobial product protection, harmful microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew are also prevented from damaging the seats. We offer a variety of storage solutions, in addition to detention chairs for prisoners that save space. Click here to learn more.

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