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Accessible storage for football gear saves space & ensures convenient visibility

high density movable carriages storage football gearFlexible 4-post shelves with wire basket drawers on high-density movable carriages provide efficient, easy-to-access storage for football gear while saving space. Its interior bins allow users to have convenient visibility of stored contents while the hand crank-controlled system provides an access aisle as it slides over floor rails. Engaging the same easy-to-use handle turn allows users to compact the shelving and eliminate aisles when not in use to save space. With up to 50 percent more storing capacity available, users have the space to improve organization and efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about the system's installation and how it helped university athletic programs with these exact needs.

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With new facility construction underway, the featured higher academic football programs needed to store ample apparel and gear for athletes, coaches, and staff. Wanting to save space and establish efficient workflows, equipment managers made contact with storage experts early in the planning phase. Local representatives provided help with determining the most efficient floor plans and shelving configurations.

The equipment managers made the decision to fit flexible 4-post shelves with wire basket drawers to create a solution that provides the same efficient storage advantages as a typical drawer. It also ensures users more convenient visibility into the bins that store items to simplify inventory while facilitating storage and retrieval. The shelves and wire basket drawers sit on high-density movable carriages that provide maximum storage for football gear while saving space to improve organization and workflow efficiencies.

Shelves with wire basket drawers & more create efficient storage

shelves wire basket drawersUsers with existing shelves can integrate wire basket drawers or have the components designed into new installations. When installed in conjunction with other 4-post shelving accessories, they help create efficient storage that can accommodate many items. Some accessory options include: 

  • Clothing hanger bars which span the width of the shelving and have three notches that allow users positioning flexibility depending on the size of items getting stored
  • Bin fronts provide ample storage space to keep items organized
  • Dividers allow users to compartmentalize storage and ensure maximum space use 

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