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Last updated: June 18, 2018

Experts adapt shelf rails in raised tile flooring 

shelf rails tile flooringShelf rails in raised tile flooring create NIST-compliant high-density radio repair parts storage that saves space and allows connected workplaces. An experienced team - including shelving distributors, consultants, installers and logistic experts - created the solution based on specific facility needs. These included:

  • Meeting NIST standards for electrostatic discharge compliance
  • Promoting efficient space use
  • Ensuring safety while providing visual appeal

It would require teamwork from many who have over two decades experience with integrating shelf rails into raised tile flooring to complete the attractive, space-saving installation. The local distributor focused on providing NIST-compliant high-density radio repair parts storage. Others, from a logistics firm, worked to optimize workflows and floorplans. The local consultant collaborated with process specialists to determine the most fitting location and layout for the system.

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He then partnered with the flooring contractor to ensure that the shelf rails would align with the raised tile flooring supports. Since the "jacks" or "stanchions" measured taller than another specialized rail, experts set the rail right onto the floor and applied grout to create a safe, even surface. The flooring contractor put down tile flooring up to the rail area while installers cut the remaining tile to size and set it to create an attractive seamless look.

Experts can install shelf rails into spaces with tile flooring, carpet, wood or any other surface that requires treatment. Libraries, offices and other "wired" environments often have the systems put in to hide ethernet cables and more. Use the solution with moving walls, mobile islands, and other rail-based applications.

Space-efficient NIST-compliant high-density radio repair parts storage

nist compliant high density radio repair parts storageThe NIST-compliant high-density radio repair parts storage moves over visible floor tracks until compacted into a smaller footprint that promotes efficient space use. Unlike systems with fixed aisles that waste space, units have a moveable aisle which users can eliminate when needing to save space. Easy-to-use manual, push button or hand crank controls facilitate carriage movement and aisle access to keep stored items and users safe. Other safety features added to the interior bottom provide protection against injury and allow users to stop carriage movement while in open aisles.

Watch a video that highlights how high-density mobile shelving compacts space to allow more efficient use. 

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