improving efficiency and productivity with shuttles and WMS software

vertical lift modules with order picking warehouse management software organizes and saves spaceA services warehouse had a state-of-the-art design, but had inventory on several shelving units that were spread over both the ground and upper floors. Order picking was done manually, often requiring workers to walk 60 meters (197 feet) for each item. The warehouse decided to install vertical shuttles with order picking and warehouse management software to expand their storage capacity and enhance the efficiency of their order picking process. The end result left the warehouse with vastly improved performance and a reduction in operating costs.

the solution

The solution for the warehouse involved installing a “goods-to-person” system that brings items to employees, instead of employees having to spend time searching for items. Three vertical lift systems were installed to stock 7,000 part numbers, which can increase up to 14,000 part numbers. Order picking warehouse management software was installed along with the shuttles, which imports order files from the customer and provides the storage locations of the items within the shuttle units. After storage and retrieval, the order picking software reports back to the customer’s software automatically. For high-speed picking, dual retrieval is also used in which dual trays arrive shortly one after the other in the access opening of the shuttle to be picked in a parallel process. The parts are able to be weighed instead of counted, which is much faster and more accurate.

The three vertical shuttles were installed with 117 trays each. TFT LCD displays with order information are placed at each access opening. A light indicator system directs the employee to the exact part to pick with the order picking software, and bi-directional interfaces connect to the customer’s existing ERP.

Additional advantages the services warehouse received from installing vertical shuttles with order picking warehouse management software includes:

  • Picking frequency four times fastervertical shuttles with order picking WMS software directs workers to part & quantity to pick
  • Increased storage capacity stores 14,000 parts numbers in only 35 mof floor space
  • 2,000 m2 (21,527 square feet) of saved warehouse space
  • Less travel time for workers, which increases productivity and also reduces the risk of worker injury
  • Error-free order processing
  • Two-year return on investment

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