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Service counter pedestal cabinets promote maximum space use

service counter pedestal cabinets drawers

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Service counter pedestal cabinets with drawers and dividers create repair parts benching storage that allows maximum space use to keep small items organized. High-quality components can support up 100 pounds and an attractive ergonomic handle provides comfortable item access to speed restoration. Units support workstations used in harsh environments with personnel that specialize in this kind of work. The systems come in up to 18 standard colors that provide an attractive look to otherwise rough and tough industrial and automotive spaces.

Organized repair parts benching storage

repair parts benching storage

Compact service counter pedestal cabinets have drawers with partitions and dividers as a standard. Users can configure systems with the components to create organized repair parts benching storage that maximizes space within a small footprint. The included accessories provide a solid barrier to prevent users from mixing up items. It helps divide space into equal shares to ensure maximum use while keeping inventory separate. This arrangement allows users to easily identify equipment and make fewer picking errors that cause workflow delays.

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