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self service lockers for package shipping and delivery Package and mail delivery is often a headache for commercial businesses, apartment complexes, condominiums, universities, and basically anywhere there are groups of people that need to receive mail. In most cases there are limited resources available to distribute mail to large volumes of people and there are limited times that mail can be picked up. And that doesn’t even factor in the security of packages.

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With the new self service lockers, recipients can get their shipped packages and mail anytime they want. The self service lockers provide a centralized package delivery point that produces an improved chain of custody, instant recipient notification, and end-to-end delivery tracking.

Design Self Service Lockers to Match Your Business or Residential Package Delivery Needs

The set up for the self service lockers is simple. A bank of lockers is arranged in columns with different size lockers in each column. In the middle of the bank of lockers, there is a computerized touch screen. A large variety of size and color options allows you to design the lockers to best meet your particular needs.

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How the Self Service Lockers Work for Recipients to Get Shipped Mail & Packages

ship and get mail packages with self service lockersThe process for recipients to get delivered packages is just as simple. When the package arrives, it’s placed in one of the lockers. The locker’s computer system automatically sends the recipient a text or email that the package is ready for pick up. The message has a onetime unique code that provides access to the locker.

When you are ready to get your package, just input the code and the self service locker will open. The best part of the system is that it can be accessed anytime. So if apartment complexes are using the lockers, residents can get packages even if the main office is closed. The same is true for corporate businesses. If a meeting goes over and the mailroom is closed, employees can still access their packages.

The self service lockers also ensure that mail and packages are safe and secure. No one but the recipient with the code can access the locker. And because the lockers use a computer system, they can track and create an audit trail of who accessed the package.

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