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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Durable & comfortable counter high school lab stations bench

seating textbook baskets stackable stoolsCounter high school lab stations bench seating with textbook baskets or stackable stools combine comfort, functionality, and durability into a simple solution. It ensures students have a convenient place to sit during collaborative learning exercises. Systems' modified A-frame design adds strength and stability against everyday student wear and tear without sacrificing comfort, making classroom use efficient. Facilities can depend on the durable solutions to provide lasting service during the academic year. Then, reuse the same equipment to meet new students' needs and save money or put it towards other things to ensure more efficient budget spending.

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Efficient seating with textbook baskets or space-saving stackable stools

The seating with textbook baskets underneath provides reliable, easy-to-access space students can use to store and organize class reading materials. As an efficient solution, it allows users to avoid taking up the available workspace to accommodate these items. Occupants can retrieve stored resources as needed with little delay to group activities and independent-study times.

counter high school lab stations benchAlternative stackable stools do have baskets but still deliver optimal user comfort and efficiency. Educators and scholars have the flexibility to pile the seats on top of each other, ensuring efficient space savings and cleanup when classes finish.

  • Durable steel A-frame design provides a strong and long-lasting seating solution.
  • Powder coated, emitting zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to keep everyone healthy and safe
  • Available in two heights and with or without book baskets to accommodate user needs.
  • No-basket option allows users to easily stack and store it when not in use, saving floor space.
  • Wide A-Frame design prevents students from tipping and leaning in stools, eliminating injury.
  • Seat measurements are 12” deep x 17” wide.
  • Load rated at 250 lbs., plus.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

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