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Last updated: March 12, 2019

 School carpenter & auto repair work centers promote collaborative learning

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Educators can use these school carpenter or auto repairs work centers and plumbing bench storage drawer cabinets to teach students skillful trades. Specify that experts leave enough space between the stations, as one facility did here. It ensures maximum capacity usage within the available footprint while allowing students efficient space to work. Everyone can collaborate while learning proper techniques in a safe, supportive environment.

Durable plumbing storage bench drawer cabinets

plumbing bench storage drawer cabinetsThe pedestal plumbing storage bench drawer cabinets have durable work surfaces that last during heavy student use. Facilities can rely on these sturdy solutions to serve enrollees needs every academic year, saving money on equipment.  The combination-type configurations have other design features, including:

  • Lower shelf space large enough to organize hard-to-store toolboxes. Have students stack unused equipment there as the facility did here. It ensures maximum space efficiency while helping keep shared work counters clean and tidy. The area features an open design, allowing users convenient, quick, and injury-free item access during retrieval.
  • Lockable compartments to keep valuable shared resources safe from theft and tampering.
  • Systems come in over 180 height, length, depth, and top surface combinations and allow customization with accessories to meet user needs.

Economical school carpenter & auto repair work centers

Other economical school carpenter and auto repair work centers have a simple design that can endure demanding productive use. The basic units include durable and attractive open leg construction with a clean look. Systems allow students collaborating on class projects convenient access to efficient workspace.

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