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Last updated: March 04, 2016

Oil & Gas Document & Records Management

document scanning conversion oil gas industryThe oil and gas industry tends to have a lot of paper files, and a lot of time and resources need to be spent managing them properly. Additionally, oil and gas records can have very long retention lifecycles. Manual management of these documents is costly, inefficient, and leads to more risks that are necessary. Scanning and conversion services for oil and gas well files, contracts, maintenance records, and more can streamline your document management process, reduce resources and risk, and control your project documents more efficiently, even if your records need to be securely transferred across the globe. Click here to learn more about our scanning and conversion services.

Advantages of Document Scanning & Conversion

Oil and gas companies could see substantial benefits from scanning and digitizing their documents. Some are surprised to learn that digital documents are actually much more secure than paper records. You can set document permissions, implement audit trails, and more so access to documents is secure for every step of the process without the hassle of paper.

After records have been digitized, they are also protected from disaster, unauthorized access, misfiles, and loss. Physical storage is no longer needed, and documents can be easily and securely transferred anywhere. Having digital documents also allows you to automate processes which will increase your operational efficiency and help you implement lean strategies.well files contracts maintenance records scanning conversions

Risks and regulatory compliance are another important factor for the oil and gas industry, where any mistake could have a negative—or even devastating—outcome. We will work with you to ensure our scanning and conversion processes are in compliance of industry standards and security needs to create quick, easy, accurate, and secure information sharing that allows enhanced collaboration. Scanning can either be done in your building or in our secure off-site document scanning facility and is available on TXMAS and GSA schedule contracts. Click here to view our ten-step document scanning process.

So what can we scan and digitize? The short answer is: Anything. Many oil and gas companies find it helpful to scan their well log files, contracts, maintenance records, and records for accounting, geological data, royalty agreements, worker's compensation, human resources, and more. In fact, since digital documents are so easy to keep up-to-date in a constantly-changing industry, oil and gas companies usually sees one of the fastest return on investments from a scanning and conversion process.

Contact Us About Scanning Conversion for Oil & Gas

Southwest Solutions Group® provides scanning and conversion services for oil and gas well files, contracts, maintenance records, and more. Before you commit to buying anything, we will index, scan, and upload a box of your records for free. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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