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Last updated: June 06, 2016

Safe High density storage

safe high density storageSafe high density storage is available with different modes of operation. Two of the most common include mechanical-assist and powered push button. Both are suitable for a variety of applications. These include archival institutions, banks, factories, government agencies, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, military bases, museums, offices, schools and warehouses, just to name a few. Of the course, the design you ultimately decide to go with, will depend on individual needs. Ergonomically-designed three-spoke rotating handle or mechanical-assist controls, however, are better suited for intermediate-sized storage systems with higher than average activity, heavier load components, greater carriage lengths and a bigger number of system ranges.

Mobile shelving with mechanical safety protection safeguards system users and objects that may be obstructing open aisles from harm or damage by automatically preventing carriage movement when contact is made with something or someone. A minimum of three pounds of pressure is all it takes to initiate the feature. Simply apply pressure to the sweep, which is located along the length of the carriage. Depress the metal sweep plate with your foot by positioning it in the space with the red and white safety tape to prevent the safe high density storage carriages from moving. Safety features such as mobile shelving with mechanical safety protection in action. (Watch video)

mobile shelving with mechanical safety sweep

Benefits to using mobile shelving with mechanical safety protection

There are many benefits associated with using the mobile shelving with mechanical safety protection, too. These include:

  • Base edge maximum 3/4 inches (19 mm) from the floor detects even low, small objects on the aisle floor
  • Durable paint finish is matched to that of the carriage
  • Face panel mounted controls provide visual confirmation of the safe high density storage system's operating status
  • Fail-safe circuitry for long term system reliability
  • Manual reset offers further protection by requiring objects left in an aisle be removed from the affected sweep prior the resuming of normal system operation

Safe high density storage feature highly compatible 

The mechanical safety sweep feature is compatible with multiple systems. It can be added to powered carriages of the safe high density storage, as well as any carriages operated by mechanical-assist. It is available for use at minimum as one-per aisle location. Accommodations can be made to fit two per movable carriage, however. Learn more about safe high density storage can be used in a variety of ways. (Watch video)

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