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Last updated: July 11, 2017

Efficient Distribution of Milling & Cutting Tools

rotating horizontal shelves distributing toolsA company who manufactures and markets high-precision milling tools for various machining operations were seeing continuously growing exports and rises in the number of products being stored, which made it necessary to reorganize their product distribution. Rotating horizontal shelves were installed to store milling and cutting tools for machining with more storage capacity, more efficient access, and improved picking accuracy. Click here to watch a video on how the rotating horizontal shelves work.

Rotating Horizontal Shelves Improve Picking Accuracy

Since the company's existing store was no longer capable of meeting their logistics requirements, they had to construct a new logistics center for cutting tools. The intended area was 3,330 ft² with a room height of 11.5' and had to be maintained to store 15,000 different items. Picking performance was calculated at 500 lines per hour. The company also wanted to be able to have real-time stock management, along with minimizing picking errors and providing 24 hour delivery readiness.

Rotating horizontal shelves were installed due to their available space. 15,000 items are accommodated on the storage units of the rotating horizontal shelves in containers of various sizes. Faster access times were achieved using the batch picking principle, with the optimum batch size being determined at 20 containers. A pick-to-light system shows the picker the target container and volume to promote rapid, direct, and error-free access. The company's warehouse management software controls four machines simultaneously for enhanced productivity and eliminates wait times for the two pickers.

Rotating horizontal shelves have been used in a variety of industries. Click here to watch a video about how they improved a hospital's supply chain management.


  • 10% more storage volumestore milling cutting tools for machining horizontal carousels
  • 99% safe access with pick-to-light operator prompting
  • 500 order lines per hour
  • 70% less personnel resources

Scope of supply

  • Four horizontal carousels with a total of 230 trays
  • Storage capacity: 9,500 containers with a total payload of 157t
  • Dimensions: 98.5' W x 36' D x 10' H
  • Pick-to-light system with colored displays
  • Flatscreens on each of the 4 access stations
  • Order picking management system
  • Interfaces to container conveying system

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