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Rolled tarp automatic textile storage for optimal space savings

rolled tarp automatic textile storage 2Made from a wide range of textile materials, a tarp is a covering used to shield the integrity of many things from damage caused by inclement weather or less than desirable conditions. Preserve their function and ensure long-lasting durability by utilizing carousels with cutting and measuring capabilities. Built-to-fit your needs, this rolled tarp automatic textile storage promotes safe handling, easy access and fast retrieval, all while allowing storage to be maximized to its fullest capacity from a limited footprint for optimal space savings. In addition to rolled tarp automatic textile storage carousels with cutting and measuring capabilities, these systems can be tailored to handle storing a wide variety of material for industrial uses. (Watch video)

Steps for operating carousels with cutting & measuring capabilities

In addition to those five benefits, these rolled tarp automatic textile storage carousels, with cutting and measuring capabilities, include a fully equipped and functional cutting bar. Complete with a counter and re-roller system, as well as a crank-controlled bi-directional cutter, hinge arm device used for loading and cut length support cradles, this rolled tarp automatic textile storage is user friendly. Follow these six steps to ensure easy and safe operation:

  • First, pull the material to be stored across the cutting bar and clip user friendly re-roller bar
  • Lower the counter assembly next, being sure to set the counter at zero
  • After setting the counter, turn the crank to roll and measure the desired length of material
  • Once it has been dispensed, begin lowering the hold-clamps positioned at the two ends of the cutting surface
  • Engage the cutter crank, un-clamp the material and secure the dispensed roll using shrink wrap or tape to cut material
  • Swing the self storage roll cradles in place, drop the roll onto the cradles and remove the re-roller bar from the end of the material when you're ready to discard the dispensed roll

How rolled tap automatic textile storage works to boost productivity

carousels with cutting measuring 1The rolled tarp automatic textile storage system, itself, features semi-automated operation and is controlled by a push button. Once engaged, it rotates up or down and brings the stored material at an ergonomic height compatible with the operator for easy access. Its ergonomically-enhanced design supports workplace safety and cut downs on injuries caused to the back, boosting productivity. We also offer a wide range of storage solutions, not just rolled tarp automatic textile storage for industrial uses. Click here for more information.

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