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Last updated: May 14, 2018

Court adoption & DUI file storage with secure convenient access

roll down doors high density mobile racks

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Roll down doors on static and high density mobile racks create adoption and DUI file storage that compacts or separates space to ensure easy, secure item access. Experts advised integrating the secure solution after learning courthouse staff needed to have convenient record access while maintaining confidentiality. One system includes dividers which provide a solid barrier to allow easier confidential folder access. The other features turn handles which users must engage to open or close aisles that provide quick, safe and space-saving access to less-sensitive folders.

Protect confidential records in less space

static court adoption dui file storageEasy-to-operate, locking roll down doors on static and high density mobile racks provide full floor-to-ceiling coverage from the front to keep sensitive files safe. Moveable systems in open office areas include floor rails that allow the lockable carriages to roll to one side and protect items in less space. Doubled-sided static door shelves locked away in another room provide separate keyed access. It ensures only authorized personnel can handle more sensitive files, helping maintain confidentiality. 

Watch a video about how roll down doors secure shelving.

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