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RFID locking system enabled lockers provide high security without the cumbersome task of managing keys (view images of RFID lockers). The RFID components, locking mechanism, and power pack are all located inside the cabinet to increase safety and avoid vandalism and theft, making it an excellent option for locker rooms both in businesses and schools. Maintaining traditional lockers can become expensive. Not only are RFID lockers more advanced than conventional cabinets, but they are also more cost-effective. You will not lose aesthetics either. RFID locks are engineered to function on metal, wood, and all materials used to make storage. RFID locks also can be retrofitted to existing lockers. RFID technology is an excellent addition to your locker needs. (See videos see videos)

How do RFID lockers work?

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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) uses radio signals for identifying an item. After identifying the item, RFID uses permissions allowing or denying entry of that object. The RFID locks have two primary components:

  1. RFID Reader.
  2. RFID Tag.

The reader is installed inside the locker and is sending out radio signals continually. The role of the reader is to be the gatekeeper. The tag is what ID’s an item. A tag can either be a card that is tapped on the reader or waved over a reader. A tag can also function as a fob. The radio signals are sent out by the reader and then received by the tag. The tag sends back an identification description. The ID description initiates the unlocking function. The reader then must recognize the ID description. If the reader does ID the description, the lock will open. If not, the door will stay locked.

Benefits of Using RFID Lockers

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  • Easy to Use. The installation is straightforward; anyone can use the access process. The keycards attach to clothing or carried in a wallet.
  • Touchless Technology. Health is a concern these days. With keyless entry functionality, the user must be near the reader but does not have to touch it to unlock the locker. In some cases, the user can register their smartphone, allowing their phone to function as the key that opens the RFID lock. RFID locks enhance security and safety in one swipe.
  • Increased Security. Physical locks use keys. When a user loses the original key, a spare is required to replace it. This necessitates for the facility to house spare keys. If misplaced, spare keys can assist criminals in gaining entry into lockers, exposing user’s personal items. With RFID locks, such risks are eliminated completely.
  • Weatherproof. RFID locks are not exposed to the elements. To function requires no physical contact. When used in a gym, school locker rooms, or shower rooms, no damage will come to the lock by humidity or water contact.

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