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Last updated: April 16, 2018

Access Control RFID Door Locks

rfid digital door lock access control security system asset tracking managementIncrease security and asset tracking management with RFID digital door locks and access control security systems. With customized integrated software, these RFID locks allow you to account for every entrance and exit to your building or specific rooms. The RFID technology can be configured for multiple levels of permission for varying access limits (for example staff, patients, and visitors). Improved asset tracking and control makes the digital door locks a great way to improve security in hospitals, military facilities, distribution warehouses, offices, and more.

RFID Asset Tracking Management

The RFID digital door locks are designed for integration with security cameras and access control systems in multiple locations. This keeps all users accounted for with audit tracking and access history, denial history, and error reports accessible to administrators on demand.

While this is an ideal asset management and security system for all types of secured buildings, it has also been designed for maximum performance in healthcare settings. In hospitals, infection control and the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) is a serious concern for patient safety as well as funding. Some of the most commonly used and often overlooked items are also the most likely to spread pathogens—such as pens, cell phones, stethoscopes, and door handles. The RFID digital door locks reduce these touch points, which improves infection control and enhances security at the same time. The access control system also complies with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

The access control security system and RFID locks are easy to install on all types of door frames and both indoor and outdoor conditions. Hands-on training after installation will also be provided to staff members.

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