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Cost-saving revolving restricted narcotic pharmacy drug cabinet

revolving restricted narcotic pharamacy drug cabinetDrug diversion is a real problem experienced by healthcare facilities. It involves taking prescription drugs from the person who it was originally intended for and transferring it to another for wrongful use such as feeding an addictive habit. The unsettling truth behind it all is that its existence is heavily driven by the very people who have pledged to care for the sick. This includes everyone from physicians and nurses to radiology technicians and, even, hospital maintenance workers. An article on the topic cites the need for sophisticated equipment such as automated controlled drug cabinets, with audit tracking abilities, to help monitor the whereabouts of inventory. The sobering reality, however, is that institutions have been financially crippled as a result of employees' criminal behavior and, quite possibly, left unable to afford the more costly storage. This begs the question: What other kind of options could serve as a suitable alternative? The answer is the revolving restricted pharmacy narcotic drug cabinet with keypad lock storage access. Units prove to be more cost-effective than those considered to be technologically advanced by boasting a price tag that balances out to be far less for substantial economic savings. Click here to see revolving cabinet storage in action. 

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revolving restricted narcotic pharmacy drug cabinet

revolving pharmacy drug cabinet keypad lock storage accessThe revolving restricted narcotic pharmacy drug cabinet offers for users to facilitate the storing of inventoried medications in an efficient manner by providing an area of space that equates to that of three lateral-filing units using less capacity. Having units fitted with keypad lock storage access is what makes it possible for the system to be looked to for putting an end to drug diversion. In addition to allowing a speedier account of inventory to be taken by facilitating quick entry, it provides the sense of security needed to accommodate a visual audit of inventory with ease. Single or multiple users are also assured in their ability to maintain the highest degree of selective security, since units are also accepting of programming.

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