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Retail warehouse storage cages control online order distribution & more

retail warehouse storage cagesRetail warehouse storage cages with lockable sliding service windows control online order distribution while keeping high-value inventory and tools safe from theft. Experts with ample experience in the storage and material handling field used wire partitions to construct the systems that ensure tamperproof inventory protection. The units allow users to watch over valuable equipment or merchandise that needs shipping out and keeps inventory from shrinking while restricting access. The solutions occupy a large 500,000 square-foot industrial space complete with separate areas that accommodate maintenance and stock items. Continue reading to learn more about the systems' installation and use.

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Some retail warehouse storage cages protect maintenance equipment while others that have sliding service windows allow authorized personnel to handle online order distribution with ease. Many items on hand cost a pretty penny, so those made to store high-value inventory have a 6' x 7' double-hinged door with custom components designed to accommodate this exact need. Their design includes a cylinder-less core key lock which allows users to have some installation flexibility. With system installation complete, users have the capacity to set up their own cores into the lock cylinders and the wire partition hinged doors could match the secure keying system used in the whole facility.

The custom-made sliding service windows measure 3' x 3' and include a full 36" x 18" shelf. It measures 9" on the retail warehouse storage cages interior and exterior to ensure users can manage stored parts or online order distribution with more ease. Sash balances installed to the wire partition service windows allow easy user operation while ensuring safe up and down system movement. A padlock lug allows users to keep it locked while in the open or closed position, preventing those not authorized to have access from reaching in and taking items.

Using wire partitions to fit any application

sliding service windows online order distributionExperts can provide the wire partitions used to make the retail warehouse storge cages to those working within the region and beyond. Users can pick from the most basic wire partition tool cribs or have experienced distributors provide more advanced solutions. Available options could include systems such as DEA drug storage cages, server colocation cages, and many others. 

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