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Last updated: June 12, 2019

Resident & exam room modular casework limits productivity loss

resident and exam room modular caseworkAfter much consideration, resident and exam room modular casework filled nearly 500 rooms at a healthcare facility. Along with a high level of interchangeability, its flexibility and durability allowed for ideas to be equally shared and considered when it came to determining the design and manufacturer of the clinical cabinet furniture storage. In addition, since the furnishings were ready-to-install, setting them up for use took no time at all. This allowed for disruption levels to be kept at a minimum and loss of productivity to be controlled. In addition to serving as clinical cabinet furniture storage, this resident and exam room modular casework can be used to satisfy the needs of other industries. Click here to learn more.

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Resident & exam room modular protects against infection

The resident and exam room modular casework also allowed for infection control concerns to be managed with improved efficiency. Resident-room headboards were constructed in such a way that they lay flush against walls and floors, which were sometimes irregular. In doing so, the space available for dust and mold to grow was eliminated. Additionally, for added protection, all exposed and unexposed surfaces were sealed to get rid of wicking. revit bim models

Clinical cabinet furniture storage for better space usage & efficiency

clinical cabinet furniture storageThe resident desk anchored to the headboard wall with ease, taking away the need for any means of support. This allowed for better space utilization to be realized. It also made the area easier to clean. Clinical cabinet furniture storage such as wardrobes featured enough capacity to efficiently hold a standard-sized set of linens and sheets, as well as personal belongings of patients. Components such as a sconce could be moved for increased visibility. Elliptical handles were also swapped out for bar handles to provide easier accessibility. In addition, pear-shaped writing areas with locked cabinets, measuring 36-inches in width, were setup in exam rooms. They maximized the use of a small area of space by functioning in a dual capacity. Storage for a sports jacket was easily accommodated for. A personal space for physicians to work from was also created with their use. Reasons for picking resident and exam room modular casework when looking for clinical cabinet furniture storage are explained, here

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